• New Equipment – Standard manufacturers parts warranty plus 12 months labor warranty.
  • Used Equipment – 6 months parts and labor warranty.
  • Parts – 90 day warranty unless otherwise specified.


  • First time customers are C.O.D.
  • Credit Cards & E-Payments Accepted.
  • Written purchase orders are accepted upon approval of credit for future orders.
  • Shipping charges are not included.
  • Sales tax additional where applicable.


  • Exchange Items – A like and repairable part must be received along with the enclosed return authorization form within 15┬ádays from original shipment.
  • Warranty Returns – Call Customer Service for a return authorization form and number to be faxed to you. Include a copy with the return part within 15 days from original shipment.
  • Additional Invoicing – You will be invoiced an additional amount equal to the difference between the new OEM list price and Remesta’s price if the part is not received within the specified time period.


  • All equipment and parts lists are deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.
  • Remesta will assume no liability if a part is re-ordered under warranty which may be temporarily out of stock or discontinued.
  • Remesta shall not be liable for personal injury or property damage caused by the installation of any parts.
  • Due to time delays of approximately one week in updating the lists, Remesta cannot be held responsible for items which may have already been sold.
  • This website and its information may not be copied or used in any other form, electronic or otherwise, except for the sale and distribution of its contents, without the written authorization of Remesta Medical Corp.